More Video - Large and Small

All of our video is from live performances ranging from small clubs, backyards, ballrooms, country clubs to Bass Hall.  There are examples of the various configurations in size of the band.  All the audio is live off the mixing board and there are no studio tricks, overdubs, auto-tune, etc.

What you see and hear is what you can expect from Timeless live.

Roanoke, TX - Aug 9, 2018

A Little Pre-show Fun - Roanoke, TX  - Aug 9 2018.

Roanoke, TX - Aug 9, 2018

Roanoke, TX - Aug 9, 2018

Canooks Sports Bar - August 2017.  6 piece

Ascend Apartments Pool Party, McKinney, TX - June 21, 2018

Surprise 60th birthday party. Corsicana, Tx. 6 piece

Z Grill and Tap, Flower Mound, TX - July 7, 2018

Wedding reception, La Cour in McKinney, TX  Dec. 2017. 9 piece

Wedding reception, Plano Hilton, Oct 2016. 10 piece