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Timeless is a multi-faceted and expandable musical entertainment group. The band performs from three to eight (or more) pieces which allows for considerable flexibility in our pricing and options for our clients .

The eight piece version of the band absolutely sparkles with male and female entertainers, guitar, keyboards, sax, trumpet, bass, and drums. It is incredibly versatile and there is virtually nothing the band will not be able to cover for you.

The intermediate version of the band is five to six pieces. Male and female entertainers, guitar, bass, drums, and sax as the optional sixth piece.

From the five piece on up, the band can cover anything from Duke Ellington to Beyoncé or Dianna Ross and the Supremes to Bruno Mars – and anything in between. Everything from the 40's to what is on the radio today: Taylor Swift. The Temptations, Beyonce, Celo Green, Duke Ellington, Nora Jones, Santana, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Dobbie Brothers, Megan Trainer, Brittney Spears, some country, Paramore, Doobie Brothers, Def Leppard, Journey ( Don't Stop Believin' ), Pink, Cyndi Lauper (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun), Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Beatles, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, The Spinners..... I'd be happy to send you a recent playlist.

If anything, our setlist slighly favors 70s and 80s pop. Whitney Houston, disco, Motown, classic rock, etc. We also have a very nice selection of jazzy music which is perfect for a cocktail hour or conversation over dinner at a wedding reception.

We are happy to learn songs for special dances or requests as well. Everything we play has a melody you can recognize and it's at a volume you can enjoy. The band drips of class and that's the format we present. We have played everything from the Toyota Music Factory to a coffee shop and will keep the volume at appropriate levels for your guests. You can always ask us to turn it up to "11" if that's what you want but that's not where we start out.

For the limited space or budget event, the three piece version is male and female entertainer, guitar, and backing tracks. This version can set up in a corner and/or take up very little space. It can cover almost all of what the other bands do and the tracks are good enough that if you close your eyes, you'll think the horns, keys, etc. were real.

We can dress in Tuxedos or jeans and band T shirts. We’ve also been known to dress the part for themed events i.e. 70s/80s big hair themes. Our musicians are some of the absolute best in the DFW area and in some cases, the country.

My lead singers/front people are a blast to work with and are very engaging with an audience. My lead male singer is James Brown reincarnated and my lead girl can sing anything. If you are looking for a drum machine, a bassline, and rap words that you can't understand, that is not what we do. Our target audience is largely 30 and up. If your audience is all under 25, I can suggest other musicians.

In any case, we will treat your daughter’s wedding reception, your boss’s corporate function, or your HOA event as if it were our own. I will walk the venue with you at your convenience prior to the event, we will be set up and the sound check done well before your first guest arrives, and you will get a first rate performance from the band. I encourage you to view our videos. There is video from a large selection of events and venues. All of it is live and the audio came right off the mixing board. What you see and hear is what we do.

I look forward to making your event a success.

Andy Follett


You won't find a lot of hype on our site. No “the premiere party band in the DFW area” or “the number one choice for entertainment since we burst on the scene ten years ago”. I prefer to let our videos and testimonials speak for themselves. What you see on our videos is what you get. No overdubs, lip syncs, or staged performances in a studio. All of it is live with the sound directly off the mixing board. Other bands with $40K worth of lights, staging, a box truck, two roadies, and 15 people on stage, out of necessity charge accordingly. We have a sound system suitable for a large outdoor venue, modest lighting, and one roadie - me, and because of that, I am able to charge accordingly.

And regarding pricing, for most events the band goes from $1200 to $2500 depending on the number of musicians. If you have the budget for it and want the box truck, etc. for thousands more, I am happy to recommend our competition. I often tell potential clients we play for free, but I have to charge for the setup, teardown, equipment, and travel. We love to play and perform and it shows.

Featured Talent


Makeda Maxwell


Makeda is one of the founding members of Timeless. From childhood to the present, Makeda has cultivated a plethora of musical influences from Motown to classic rock that will keep you entertained from the first note to last rebel yell. Makeda has taken her talents from New York to Japan and to your next event.

Scott Rainey

vocals, keyboards, percussion

Scott is one the best vocalists in the DFW area.  Sometimes refered to as "pastor Scott" because of his background many years ago as a worship leader, Scott is also an accomplished drummer and occassionally you will see him on drums with Timeless as well.         

Rodney Johnson


Originally from New York City, Rodney Johnson has been playing in bands since the age of six, starting with his father’s group and including the U.S.O. Band in Alaska for which he was the featured vocalist. After a hiatus from music in the late 90’s, Rodney rejoined the music scene and continues to perform in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. He is a world class entertainer and our own James Brown.


Andy Follett

guitar, trumpet, vocals 

Along with Makeda,  Andy is one of the founding members of Timeless. Graduating from the University of Iowa with a music degree and a trumpet major, he is an active music educator and involved in audio/ video production and sound reinforcement for Timeless and other artists.


Andrew Popham


Coming from a family of musicians, Andrew left his small Texas town to pursue a career of his own. After graduating from the University of North Texas, Andrew moved to Dallas, where he began his career as an educator and performer. Andrew now plays drums in various musical groups, and has performed around the country. He is an experienced drummer who can fulfill his role in any musical genre or style.

Dan Mutchler


Dan comes to us from a background in the Army Band in Europe many years ago.  Dan has such a dry sense of humour that sometimes you don't start laughing until you've walked away and sat down! Other than that, Dan has a big heart and is a big dog lover.


Mark Lara


Mark Lara moved to DFW from Las Cruces, NM in 1998 to become a TCU horned frog and then study music at UNT. Since 2004 he has played professionally on multiple woodwinds with national musicians like Gladys Knight, the Spinners, the Air Force bands, Maynard Ferguson as well as numerous local musicians. Mark plays in the Dallas Jazz Orchestra, a 50's Jump swing band Dimestore Hoods, musicals with the Mainstage Theater Company, the Plano Symphony Orchestra, and his own group, the Mark Lara Jazz Quartet.

Amanda Earhart


With over 20 years of industry experience, Amanda is a vocalist (w/4+ octave range), songwriter, vocal producer, certified vocal coach, and artist developer. She has been compared to Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce with her clear, yet powerful vocals. Amanda is based in Los Angeles and joins the band for special events only.

Courtney Hooker


An Oklahoma resident, Courtney has been performing since the age of thirteen and is one of Amanda’s vocal students. She has been involved in many projects recording, performing, and songwriting and will graduate this fall with her degree in commercial music. Courtney plans to continue her solo project along with other opportunities and occasionally joins Timeless for special events.


Courtney Haines

saxophone, keyboards, vocals

Courtney Guyon/Haines, aka Saxophone Barbie, holds degrees from Texas Wesleyan University and the University of North Texas. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist and was just 10 years old when she performed as one of the opening acts for Jerry Lee Lewis. She has performed numerous cruise ship engagements, toured with Willie Nelson, Denis Leary, the Coasters, Platters, Marvelettes. and Aretha Franklin. Courtney lights up any stage she's on with energy.

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